Save 100s of hours building 全网最快澳洲幸运10开奖官网 apps that make work flow

168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 saves IT teams time and energy building apps that connect to any data source and integrate with any workflow.

  • Connect any database, spreadsheet or API

  • Self-host on premise with Docker and K8s

  • Trusted by over 100,000 teams

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    One platform. Many solutions.

    Create powerful 澳洲体彩幸运10手机版开奖软件 apps and 168澳洲十开奖现场官方网站 workflows from any datasource and securely deploy professional-grade solutions across your teams.

    Management Apps

    From ticketing systems to inventory management, build powerful apps you're proud of.

    Hardware inventory management app interface


    Design a custom experience your clients/suppliers/partners will enjoy using.

    Car dealership portal

    Approval flows

    From holiday requests to work assignment, create approval flows unique to your business.

    overtime request approval flow


    Build powerful forms that securely store data within your own database.

    facility inspection form

    Admin panels

    From password resets to client refunds, deliver admin panels that integrate seamlessly.

    customer license dropdown

    Apps made easier.
    Workflows made faster.

    168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 is everything you need to deliver apps and workflows in minutes - coding optional!

    Connect any datasource, or start from scratch

    Connect to an external database, pull 168体彩开奖现场直播结果 澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播app 在线看官网开奖结果直播视频 官网开奖号码 data from a Rest API, import a CSV, or start from scratch with 澳洲幸运10体彩彩票's built-in database.

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    Turn your data into an app with 1 click

    Generate powerful apps, forms, and workflows from your data in just a few seconds. No coding required!

    Design apps people enjoy using

    With over 40 pre-built components and templates, 168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 makes it easy to build workflow apps that look beautiful and work perfectly across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

    Make work flow with automations

    With just a few clicks, automate manual processes and streamline operations within your app and business.

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    Scale with confidence

    Whether you’re automating workflows, removing data silos, or cutting costs — 168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 works for you.

    168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 Public API

    Open-source and self-hosting

    168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 is open-source, and you can self-host via Docker or Kubernetes or let 168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 manage everything for you.

    Privacy checlist

    Enterprise-grade security

    168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 is ISO 27001 certified and fully committed to ongoing compliance.

    Budibae auth illustration

    Built to scale

    Custom RBAC, SSO, SAML, backups, audit logs, and additional features allow you to scale with confidence.

    multiple users using database

    Workflows made faster, together

    The entire IT dept, from the engineers to technical support, can build apps and automate workflows together.

    168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 Public API

    Public API

    The Public API enables you to use 168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 as a backend, extend your apps, and benefit from inter-operability.

    plugins interface

    Completely flexible

    Extend with JavaScript, power-up with plugins, embed apps externally, connect any datasource, and host anywhere.

    168澳洲10官网历史查询 开奖记录 开奖号码结果 实时查询. Time is money. Save both.

    Established governments to industry leaders use 168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 to transform workflows and build faster businesses.

    168澳洲幸运10开奖官网网站 helps you create apps faster which devs love because their internal tickets disappear.

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    Join 100,000 teams building apps and making work flow